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Underneath the electric clouds where chariots collide and filthy unknowable characters of the good book tangle hopelessly and mesh in the overlap; while stout, rawl doctors sharpen their instruments, their drawn shadows climbing the walls - Intenso draw blood once again in a relentless cascade of colours and textures that seem to warm up the insides like a good dose of illegal tender spiced rum, while jangling the nerves all at once. A rich weave of old world allegory holding hands with new world synthesis; there are truly barren landscapes here, where the silence between the sounds become sounds themselves...but there are thick wooded areas too, so thick and wild that they seem to nearly crush under their own weight. There are worm holes of pure sonic vision and moments of infantile levity; they all exist in this land like a kind of formic incarnation of the 'uncertainty principle'; to study it too closely is to vanish completely.



Later Event: November 1
Tahlia Jaye