The Hen House Rehearsal Studios - WAMFest Showcase


WAM gets to know some of the organisers, promoters and artists behind the Live Friday Showcases as part of #WAMFest presented by Drug Aware, and why their particular showcase might just be the one for you...

The Hen House Rehearsal Studios - WAMFest Showcase

Interviewee name: Sarah Treloar, Boss Lady at The Hen House Live
Presented by: The Hen House Live/Hen House Rehearsal Studios


Who should come to your show and why?
We’ve got together some of our favourite bands from the rehearsal studio to deliver an eclectic lineup of Alt-Rock/Hardcore/Grunge/Pop-Punk. Hercules Morse are always a highlight down at the venue – We love having them and they always put on such a good show Richard (lead singer) always gets amongst the crowd and is just wild. Furball and Foxton Kings have also just released some killer singles in the last couple of months and Lake James have been working hard down at the studio working on a new sound so we’re excited to see them play!
The Hen House Live is a great venue to come down to if you’re someone that likes small, intimate and crazy shows.   


Who shouldn’t?
People that are claustrophobic.


Aside from your own event, which 3 #WAMFest performers/ #WAMCon speakers / facets are you most looking forward to catching, and WHY?
Flossy, Edie Green, and will also be checking out all the amazing local bands playing WAMCon that have been rehearsing down at the studio.


Brief history:
The Hen House Live has been kicking for just over a year now – The venue was started by Rob Nassif who owns Hen House Rehearsal Studios to be a venue where bands can cut their teeth in the Perth music scene and do their first shows. Sometimes it can be hard for bands to start if they haven’t played a show before so we wanted to create a space where it’s really easy to book a gig and they can pack the room with their mates and play a really fun show! We are pretty diverse genre wise – Our best shows are usually hardcore shows as the venue really suits that kind of genre and with it being a floor show bands really get in amongst the crowd and people love it, but saying that we’ve also had some great Hip-Hop shows at the venue!

Best/funniest/most outrageous memory from one of your previous shows?
We had our most insane show at the start of the year where Hercules Morse, Bounty Hunter, Old Devil and Statues played and it was just crazy – think we crammed 100 people into the room on a summers night so it was pretty hot and the whole room was basically a mosh pit it was madness and everyone was loving it!   

Your dream headliner?
I’ve always wanted to put a secret show on at the venue and just get a massive act to do a small show – a band like Violent Soho, Royal Blood or DZ Deathrays would be so great to rock out to in the Hen House Live room.


Describe the health of the area/scene/s you specialize in WA, and compared to Oz/world?
It’s been really great to see so many new music venues popping up in Perth - for bands and music lovers you have so many different places you can perform and go to that are spread out all across Perth but at the same time i don’t think Perth has the population to support all of them so it can be a bit difficult. In the end we are lucky to have so many diverse venues where you can basically see any kind of music and it’s great to have so many different shows happening weekly in Perth.

Advice for musicians trying to make it in the local industry, esp in your area of specialty?
In terms of booking a show – make sure you are organized – Things like having a song you can send someone so they can get an idea of what you sound like…if your putting your own lineup together it’s good to give an idea of who you want to play as well as the date you are wanting to book when you send the initial email, just makes the process a lot quicker. Also PROMOTION – once you book the show make sure you promote it as much as possible it’s vital in getting people down to the show and a lot of bands tend to be quite lazy or don’t like social media but people have short attention spans so you have to constantly remind them of the show and if you’re doing a launch hit up your local media like RTRFM, The Music, Scenstr, Pilerats and WAM for a bit of extra promotion.  


Best/funniest/most outrageous memory from a previous WAMFest?
Jon Madd going around Badlands and doing magic at the after party was a highlight.