Pinky Swear + Friends Showcase

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WAM gets to know some of the organisers, promoters and artists behind the Live Friday Showcases as part of #WAMFest presented by Drug Aware, and why their particular showcase might just be the one for you...

Pinky Swear + Friends Showcase

Interviewee name: Sarah Treloar, Band Manager at Pinky Swear
Presented by: Pinky Swear


Who should come to your show and why?
A highlight would be Girl York returning to the stage after being on a break and changing members - they are releasing their new single ‘Heroine’ and their new music is so great - check them out if you love Silversun Pickups.  J.F.K will be closing out the night which is always a good time - they are all so animated on stage and you’ll get to hear their new song ‘A Boy And A Boy’ which recently got played on Triple J - It’s also written about gay rights so it’s a good song to get behind. People should also come down and check out RAKSHA and Hibiscus in between - They are managed by two of my good friends and are really fantastic bands to see live and have been doing really well in the local scene… Almost forgot to mention Feral have been really awesome and sponsored the event so there will be some free Perth locals for people to enjoy.


Who shouldn’t?
People that don’t like to dance - but non dancers still welcome. 


Aside from your own event, which 3 #WAMFest performers/ #WAMCon speakers / facets are you most looking forward to catching, and WHY?
- Nerve Quakes
- All the bands playing at Badlands and The Hen House Live on Saturday - so many good acts!
- Nerding out at the WAMCon panels


Brief history:
Pinky Swear is a management agency i started when i was studying Music Business at TAFE last year, I moved from down south to Perth a couple years ago wanting to work in the industry and always had the goal to manage bands. At the moment I’m managing J.F.K and recently Girl York as well booking The Hen House Live and working at Hen House Rehearsal Studios.


Best/funniest/most outrageous memory from one of your previous shows?
Nothing super crazy has happened yet - Anthony (drummer of J.F.K) did split his suit pants during a show once which was pretty funny (sorry Antho) but the best thing for me is seeing people at shows singing along and rocking out to J.F.K songs - that makes me really happy. 


Your dream headliner?
No Doubt - Gwen Stefani is my idol.


Describe the health of the area/scene/s you specialize in WA, and compared to Oz/world?
Music wise the Perth music scene is really strong - I think people over east and internationally are really starting to pay attention to musicians in Perth and recognising it as a hub for great music. Industry wise I think there is still some growing that needs to happen, I would like to see more of a community between music businesses and more young people pursuing the business side of the Perth music industry. Going overseas to SXSW and to Brisbane for BigSound I noticed a lot of creative businesses collaborating together to put on events which I think is really great and seeing the finalists for the UNFD Grant last year obviously showed there are a lot of young entrepreneurs around Australia doing great things in the music industry and i would love to see more of that happening in Perth.

Advice for musicians trying to make it in the local industry, esp in your area of specialty?
Learn the business side of the music...It’s really valuable for musicians to learn how the industry works and how to self manage until you can get someone on board to do it for you - I think a lot of musicians forget about the business side of things...But also if you are someone wanting to pursue the business side of the industry do the Music Business course at TAFE - it was so valuable for me being someone new to the Perth music scene and really opened up a lot of job opportunities for me. Also be prepared to work really hard - it’s not an easy industry but if you're passionate about it and ready to put in the work it’s worth pursuing.


Best/funniest/most outrageous memory from a previous WAMFest?
Last year I met the bassists from Violent Soho at the WAM after party at Badlands because it was also the after party for their show at Red Hill… My dad and I are massive Violent Soho fans... may have fan-girled a little and said we have matching VS shirts and vinyls.