Last Quokka, Sully, Treehouses and Dear Soldier - WAMFest showcase

WAM gets to know some of the organisers, promoters and artists behind the Live Friday Showcases as part of #WAMFest presented by Drug Aware, and why their particular showcase might just be the one for you...

Last Quokka, Sully, Treehouses and Dear Soldier - WAMFest showcase

Interviewee name: Ethan Reed, Artist/Manager for Treehouses
Presented by: Treehouses


Who should come to your show and why?
We’ve curated this lineup to showcase some of the more ‘feels’ focused music in Perth. All the bands on this lineup would probably be okay with the ‘emo’ label – it’s unashamedly emotional music and you shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting to FEEL something when you see a live band. You’ll experience Dear Soldier’s pop-punk tinged anthems, Sully’s pensive 90s Midwest tunes, Last Quokka’s raw energy and Treehouses’ immersive emotional womb.


Who shouldn’t?
People who think that guitars aren’t relevant anymore. Or pensioners who “just don’t understand the screaming part”.


Aside from your own event, which 3 #WAMFest performers/ #WAMCon speakers / facets are you most looking forward to catching, and WHY?
- J.F.K. who are absolutely killing it in the local scene at the moment.
- Grievous Bodily Calm, they’re one of our favourites without a doubt.
- Demon Days! Haven’t seen them before but heard wonderful things.


Brief history:
Starting out as a two-piece poetry performance outfit, Treehouses rose from underground bedroom project to an internationally recognised staple of the emo/spoken word scene. Now with a full-length album, cassette single, collaborative EP and two national tours to their name, Treehouses have realised a full contemporary sound, coming into their own as a truly unique Australian band.


Best/funniest/most outrageous memory from one of your previous shows?
We played at an amphitheatre at a park in Canberra once which was cool. Lots of families on a bike ride stopped to catch some tunes.


Your dream headliner?
I’m pretty sure all the bands on this lineup would love to play with Cap’n Jazz. Or Jimi Hendrix if you’re offering.


Describe the health of the area/scene/s you specialize in WA, and compared to Oz/world?
‘Heavy’ music isn’t very healthy in Perth at the moment, but I think that most bands of the emo genre these days aren’t so focused on the heavy anymore anyway. We’re all openly influenced by other active genres within the local and national scene such as indie/folk, grunge, punk, rock. There’s definitely something for everyone in what we do.


Advice for musicians trying to make it in the local industry, esp in your area of specialty?
Creating emotional music is never going to land you an arena tour supporting Justin Timberlake – and that’s fine. In what we do, one person coming up after the show and telling me that they really connected with the music is more valuable than 100 emotionally absent punters.


Best/funniest/most outrageous memory from a previous WAMFest?
It’s our first time! Let the most outrageous memories commence.