Hector Protector "I'm Not Here" single launch


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Hector Protector "I'm Not Here" single launch

Presented by: Hector Protector


Who should come to your show and why?
Everyone should come to this show. Not only is it the launch of Hector Protector’s single “I’m Not Here” but it also is the launch of the new band (band members from Gypsy Howls). Not ONLY that, it will be the launch of another new Keyboard and drums duo – Kissel and Hutch. If you want to be the first person to witness the new sounds of two new bands (and have a great time listening to Dirty Howler) everyone should definitely come down.


Who shouldn’t?
Odd Fellow is an over 18’s venue and unfortunately children are not allowed.  


Aside from your own event, which 3 #WAMFest performers/ #WAMCon speakers / facets are you most looking forward to catching, and WHY?
- Dan Howls – not only is he amazing to see live but super keen to check out Perth’s newest live venue the Sewing Room
- Edie Green – because Edie has (in our opinion) the best female vocals on the scene in Perth at the moment.
- Pat Chow – because they freakin ROCK!  


Brief history:
Ben and Kirsty have been playing music together for almost 10 years now. Back in 2008 they started the band "The Kirbens" which they eventually changed the name to "The Gypsie Howls". After success at Nannup Festival, Fairbridge Festival, WAMi Festival, a whole bunch of gigs an EP launch and a single launch they called it quits and all moved on. Last year they decided to give it another crack but the music had somewhat changed dramatically. To be continuing as The Gypsie Howls was well... just silly. So with a new drummer and bass player, Ben and Kirsty decided to continue their next music venture as Hector Protector. The two Fremantle locals have kept the music fun and funky but with a more "in your face" feel to it. Definitely a sound you will not stop tapping your feet to.


Best/funniest/most outrageous memory from one of your previous shows?
This is our FIRST gig as Hector Protector. Although Ben and Kirsty have been playing in bands together for over 10 years. Most outrageous memory was Fairbridge – we broke the snare, Bass string and 3 guitar strings – it was huge.


Your dream headliner?
Oh gosh. This is a realllly hard question. There’s way too many to choose from. If I had to choose one….  The Who.


Describe the health of the area/scene/s you specialize in WA, and compared to Oz/world?
I live in Fremantle and it is absolutely thriving. Every night there is always some original live music somewhere. It doesn’t really get much better than that.


Advice for musicians trying to make it in the local industry, esp in your area of specialty?
Never, ever skimp on your musical equipment. For years I spent the bare minimum on my music and equipment – it’s really, really important to play instruments you like the sound of.


Best/funniest/most outrageous memory from a previous WAMFest?
Have a tequila drinking completion with Jake from the Caballeros. We were shot for shot, neck and neck, even stevens – then I don’t remember what happened after that.