CATZILLA album Launch

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WAM gets to know some of the organisers, promoters and artists behind the Live Friday Showcases as part of #WAMFest presented by Drug Aware, and why their particular showcase might just be the one for you...

CATZILLA album Launch

Interviewee name: Andy Jarvis (aka Razor Jack), guitarist and songwriter for CATZILLA
Presented by: Trickster Music / CATZILLA


Who should come to your show and why?
This is a big, 60s-inspired go-go rock n roll party to celebrate the launch of CATZILLA’s debut album. It features 4 of Perth’s best original bands, each with their own take on the 60s sound, from surf to pop, wild rock n roll to garage-fuzz. With 3 killer 60s garage DJs spinning vinyl, special guests… and go-go dancers! If this sounds good, you should definitely come!


Who shouldn’t?
If the above sounds dreadful, maybe try somewhere else!


Aside from your own event, which 3 #WAMFest performers/ #WAMCon speakers / facets are you most looking forward to catching, and WHY?
One of the things I love about WAMfest is the chance to discover new bands - I’ll be exploring and trying to catch as much as possible. I’d especially like to catch the Nerve Quakes though - love the post-punk sound (I grew up on bands like Xmal Deutschland and the Banshees) and they do it well.


Brief history:
CATZILLA’s been going for just a couple of years. We released our vinyl EP “Going Wild” and toured Japan last year and we can’t wait to unveil our debut album. Coo (vocals/keys) and I have been playing in bands together for a long time though, starting with post-punkers Toys Went Berserk (Sydney) in the mid-80s. We recorded with Pixies producer Gary Smith in Boston, played at CBGBs and toured in the States, lived and gigged in the UK… we’ve been in Perth since 2003 and do more music than ever now.


Best/funniest/most outrageous memory from one of your previous shows?
We’ve toured in Japan half-a-dozen times with CATZILLA and Rocket To Memphis and every time has been amazing. Most outrageous show was the Back From The Grave Halloween Ball featuring 32 of Japan’s WILDEST bands back-to-back in one room’ on one crazy night. Unbelievably MENTAL fun!


Your dream headliner?
Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to support and work with a few inspirational bands, including The Cramps, Heavy Trash and most recently The Neatbeats (Japan). Hmmm… the Mummies probably - rock n roll doesn’t get much wilder!


Describe the health of the area/scene/s you specialize in WA, and compared to Oz/world?  
The original scene here has always punched above it’s weight. In the garage rock n roll area, there’s a lot of cool stuff happening around the world right now but not many bands as great as the monkey-loving King Cornelius & the Silverbacks.


Advice for musicians trying to make it in the local industry, esp in your area of specialty? 
Just stick to your guns and be true to the music you love. Even if you don’t “make it” you’ll always be happy in the music.