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  • The Moon Cafe 2/323 William Street Perth, WA, 6000 Australia (map)

Who is Shyguy? “The guy who hides behind the music,” says the man himself, enigmatically. While the notion of ‘letting the music doing the talking’ has long been thrown about in rock’n’roll circles, the personality-based focus of popular music and the need for visual imagery and soundbytes often stonewalls that intent completely. Shyguy stands for making music for its own sake. With a mask, perhaps, but without pretention. Not adhering to structures, rules or limitations and writing in (and for) many voices with tantalisingly blank canvasses. It is what it is… but what is it? Of course, there’s history to be considered here as well. He may be shy, but this guy’s been around. Shyguy has seen the movie and bought the book and it is all these things that have brought him to where and who? he is today, musically, fundamentally, philosophically… The Panda Band, Eye Spy, Limbo, Sons Of Rico, The Witches… and more bands that became those aforementioned bands. There’s a lot of different music and a lot of shows played on a lot of musical instruments. Shyguy is the (at times) lone product of that history and brings all the curveballs and curiosities he has learnt along the way. With this freedom comes new adventures in how Shyguy creates his music and how long that may take. The inspiration for it is as flexible as he is.“Writing music is all about mood for me,” he explains. “Once I get the essence of the mood I can get lost for days building and layering. The mood can sometimes come from a picture or video sequence.Shyguy has just released a debut single ‘Had It I’m Hiding’, and an EP is forthcoming in the New Year. The old cycle of record-release-road-repeat is not a factor in this ever-evolving and unfolding creative adventure.“There’s no time limits with Shyguy,” he says. This is about never giving up and it becoming a life’s work. I’m always getting asked at parties, ‘Are you still doing the music thing?’ Would you ask a doctor, ‘are you still doing medicine?’


Email Scott.Williamson@doghouserecords.com.au

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